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I used to be so much more social than I am now. Now I can barely stand a crowded space. Sigh.

I do not think I am emotionally stable enough for any more Game of Thrones.


Real Friends- Floorboards (x)

oh for fuck sake. I need help.

Everything changes when all the lights in the room are as low as you,
But don’t trip you’ll sober up soon
Regain an honest perspective as you puke on the floor
Can’t remember why your knees are so cut up and sore.


Monsters sur We Heart It.

Thrasher x LB
Back in the days (July 2000)
Arto Saari shot by Daniel Harold Sturt !
Recover project the book - http://lucasbeaufort-store.com

I think I legit trust 3 people in my whole life and I’m about to live with 2 so it’s not all bad but how sad is that that i only think 3 people out of all of them are trustworthy.